The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems are new, and the only non-invasive, drug free laser therapy that has successfully and single handily transformed treatment on chronic, acute pain, wounds, and other intractable conditions. For years, Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems has been developing new, different, and non-invasive laser technology. This new, custom built, high-powered laser therapy system is strategically designed to induce certain photochemical reactions in the soft tissues of both humans, and animals to provide healing. The treatment is delivered as a function of, and is dependent on wavelength, power, and time. Wavelength and power factors determine the penetration depth and quantity of energy available to transfer to the cells, and the type of healing determines the length of time needed to administer the treatment. Key: Photon energy particles emitted from Laser are absorbed by photoreceptors in the cell which allows for DNA restructuring, ATP production, change in the mitochondria and allows for oxygenation, blood flow. Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems offer multiple competitive advantages, features and benefits including:

  • Deeper Penetration
  • Higher Power
  • Wider Beam Diameter
  • Higher Energy Transfer = (More Power)
  • Bigger Beam = (Better Treatment)
  • Better Utilization of Personnel & Patient Time​

Non-invasive laser treatment also known as laser photo-biostimulation, cold laser, or soft laser is defined as a concentrated laser light energy delivered to the cellular level within the body to stimulate live tissue to heal, and is used to treat chronic and acute soft tissue injuries. The Phoenix Thera-Lase System precipitates a complex set of physiological interactions at the cellular level that reduces acute inflammation, reduces pain, and accelerates tissue healing.


For more than twenty years researchers have been studying the effects of stimulating live tissue with low-level visible/optical energy to treat chronic and acute soft tissue injuries. Laser biostimulation, as it is commonly known, has become widely used in Europe and Canada. Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems uses infrared/invisible energy, that is delivered at high power, which causes the absorption of the laser energy to penetrate deeper into the soft tissue, and provides a greater level of healing.

The principles behind the successes that have been achieved through laser therapy are based upon the fact that stimulation, by non-thermal laser penetration, brings about a therapeutic effect on wounds, disease processes and painful conditions. Further, it is proven that energy produced from light energy selectively stimulates nerve endings, enabling the body to release natural opiates to control pain.


The high-end, health care laser therapy systems marketed and distributed are non-invasive, drug-free treatment solutions that provide relief from both acute and chronic pain, while accelerating wound healing, and simultaneously reducing inflammation related to soft-tissue injuries. The world medical community has embraced and validated non-invasive lasers as a major tool in health care, injury treatment, rehabilitation, recovery support and overall health maintenance. Optimized the effectiveness of this technology approach. The system and equipment have continuously evolved, as laser engines, fiber optics, power sources and delivery instruments have changed and improved along the way.

To put that in perspective, this technology is a breakthrough therapeutic laser system that is hundreds of times more powerful than other systems, delivering up to five times the penetrating wavelength, covering 10 times the effective treatment area.