I know it sounds a little strange . . . but think about it. If you take out a gym membership, it doesn’t automatically make you fit. You have to take the time and effort to actually go to the gym to achieve results. If you pay the monthly membership but don’t go to the gym, you will feel like it was a waste of money by the time you eventually cancel the membership. Hiring a Marketing Agency is almost the same.

A Marketing Agency cannot be effective unless you take the time to communicate on a regular basis and discuss ideas and targets for your product or service. Communication is critical to generate desired results. If you sit back and hope that by paying a monthly fee you will suddenly get amazing results without putting in any effort yourself, it’s likely you will end up feeling the same about exercise (or lack of it) as your wasted gym membership – out of pocket and still no closer to your goal. Marketing professionals know how to turn your business goals into reality but they cannot do it alone. Whether it’s getting fit by going to the gym, or promoting your company’s products or services, the principle is the same. You have to put in a little “sweat equity” to get the desired results.

By Ron Merrit: Founder, On Advertising