Overwhelmed: A Temporary State Of Being

Overwhelmed? Need to make something useful happen, right now?

Start here: when overwhelm happens, everything feels urgent and we have the experience that it all has to happen right now!

Here is a quick understanding, so you can get “overwhelm” into useful perspective. Overwhelm usually has 3 sources – the first is taking on more than you have capacity for because you don’t feel like you can say no to a request or the requestor. The second comes from having too much to do and too few resources to whom you can delegate tasks. The third is good ole’ procrastination and comes from putting off things that you don’t want to do or don’t feel like doing – until they absolutely “have” to be done.

It is just worthwhile to check and see if the overwhelm you are having is a unique situation or if there is a pattern you can bust up, so you don’t have to keep facing overwhelm.

Now you are in a position to do something.

Make a list of the things you have to do and prioritize them first by their due date. Next, use this clean and easy way to define what gets your attention now. Look at each item on your list and assign it a level.

The things that generate revenues directly (Customer Care, Patient Care, Client Care, Product or Service fulfillment) – they get an “A”

The things that lead to getting income (developing business, new services, attracting more patients, Marketing oriented activities), these get a “B”. They need to be done, but they won’t pay the bills right now. They often lead to business in the future.

Finally, the things that keep your life and the business running get a “C”. These are important because they keep the platform of life working, however, they don’t have much to do with making money. They keep you functional and afloat in life – are essential to keeping your infrastructure intact, like enough paper for the printer, paying bills, keeping the office clean and presentable, organizing your leads, organizing your files or your contact lists. Be careful here, because it is something that we can control, people often spend too much time organizing and thinking that it will make everything else happen. Just keep it balanced and sustainable.

Depending on things, you want an overall average for each day to be 45% “A” actions, 30% “B” actions and 25% “C” actions. (Optimal baseline – reality intrudes)

This will work for years to come, it is easy to incorporate and you can do it at any time.

Overwhelm happens. This method gets you back in control of your focus and results.

by Bob Smith of MySuccess.com