Marketing, Relationships And Technology – For The Practice


The secret weapon in relationships for a Practice are with the Staff. Whether you have 1 person or 20, the Staff has contact with your Customers and can make a huge difference in keeping you clued in about Customer needs and satisfaction.

The intelligent and applied use of technology through Social Media can give a Customer the experience of very Personalized Care. This includes things like Emails that remind people of things to do between visits. Or Text’s that confirm a prescription has been sent or is ready at their pharmacy.

Tools that communicate and help people get what they need or want are very useful and changing constantly.

Your Staff Members can write Blogs on agreed topics, they can talk to Customers about topics that Customers might find helpful or useful. Your staff can recognize bad reviews and ask Customers to post Reviews with Google or Yelp when they are happy.

You probably can’t avoid negative reviews, but when you have 10 – 15 positive Reviews for each negative one – it keeps things in perspective for most people.

Your Staff can talk to your Customers while they are waiting and find out if they have visited your website or seen the latest Blog on a particular area of interest.

Most Staff members use some form of Social Media already. They might currently have a presence on FaceBook or may use Twitter to give and receive sound bites associated with their lives. They might share photos on or listen to music through Pandora.

Social Media is more prevalent than people realize and the best possible use of it for the Practice is to move the older “tell people what they need to know” and trade it in for a Dialogue of back and forth conversation.

People do business with people they like and trust. Social Media and Social Marketing can dramatically increase your geographic reach as well as your demographic reach. Your Staff is part of this and with good guidance, can be a major force in helping you grow (or slow) the Practice.

Relationships, Customer Conversations, Business Intelligence are constantly evolving topics that have a material effect on the overall health, performance potential and well-being of the Practice.

Above all, expressing your appreciation to your Staff and to your Customers for helping is something that everyone enjoys.

Sometimes in a conference, I will ask the question “Who here is feeling over appreciated in their lives or their work?”

The next sound I most often hear is laughter at the absurdity of that.

And then I ask people what it feels like to be genuinely appreciated and arm them to take that to others in their Practices and their lives.