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It is all semantics and what it really means is some physicians will stop practicing, there will be less people wanting to go through medical school and smaller practices may find it hard to sustain themselves. There is no question that some serious overhauling needs to done to the current state of health care in the United States, but is government run health care the answer? How about opening up state lines for competition and tort reform?

Some say that providing a government option and imposing penalties to employers and individuals who do not purchase health care will lead to a single payer system. I have to say, look at the impending 27% fee reduction in the Medicare Fee schedule due to take effect early next year and how that will impact physician sustainability going forward given that the Medicare Fee schedule is already low. How much better would a one payer system or any government run program be to those providing and receiving treatment?

Certainly it should be our goal to offer affordable coverage to everyone; however, there may just be better ways of getting there.

By Robert Tramont