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Experts are needed to evaluate the merit of complaints, write letters of opinion, act as witnesses, and testify in court cases. These experts are needed by both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Although most people think that experts are used only in medical malpractice cases, there is a need for experts in countless areas of knowledge. Experts in forensics, construction, medicine, engineering, chemicals, safety, etc. are needed to help prove or disprove cases.

Many professionals are unaware of the tremendous opportunities that come from doing expert work. It can be both gratifying and rewarding. Medical professionals regularly enjoy expert work, as they can use their experience and expertise with no traditional office overhead and little to no liability. In addition, they are paid well for the time spent on the case. Case work can often be done without impacting traditional practice hours. There are a multitude of factors to be considered in dealing with the logistics of the legal system and the varying cases. For each case there needs to be an expert to verify findings, opinions, and conclusions. Cases are either strengthened or weakened based on the credibility and character of the expert. Strong ethical experts are needed to keep the legal system in balance and to bring justice and integrity to the judicial system.

Experts are expected to be unbiased, articulate, and honest in their opinions. This is a neccesseity in serving both the public and the profession. The expert helps to guard the public trust, provide peer review, police colleagues, protect others from frivolous suits, and help right injustices for those who are wronged or abused. Medical professionals are used to render an expert opinion in IME’s and review documents for a second opinion. Often they are pleased to learn that by using those same skills they have an opportunity to cultivate a second revenue stream.

I believe I am qualified to be an expert, where do I start acquiring legal cases?

Some expert’s start by building a website and hope that when an attorney is doing a search they will come across the site. Others pay from $150-$1,000.00 annually to join an online directory where they can list their area of expertise and hope to be contacted. There are viable alternatives, and iFind Expert is a reputable example of such.

Case management, in-house counsel, and support staff services are key components to make a successful expert and case. Each valuable service is available at no charge to you. iFind Expert takes care of all your document management and storage, tracks billable hours, invoicing, and payment for services. iFind will send you reminders when reports are due or documents are ready for review. If you are unsure whether or not you are qualified to act as an expert witness, contact the friendly professionals at iFind expert! They will provide the behind the scenes support to ensure you become a qualified, confident, and successful expert in your field. While there are other referring agencies, no other company offers the extensive services and support of iFindExpert!

by Jillene Roundy