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When the Auditor Comes Knocking

Stephen D. Bittinger, Esq. Medicare Zone Program Integrity Contractor (ZPIC) audits can cripple a practice. Be aware of your rights when a ZPIC auditor arrives. Proactivity is key to successful defense in a ZPIC audit. Improper documentation is a leading cause of ZPIC audits. A constantly monitored compliance program will help safeguard the practice. The practice manager still remembers the ...

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Integrated Private Practice – A Good Idea?

Integrated Practice

I.              What is a Multi-Discipline Practice? Healthcare in America is becoming increasingly integrated. For instance, the American Medical Association (“AMA”) notes rapid changes in healthcare delivery and an expanding environment of integrated modes of practice.[1] A strong impetus for this change was the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, which created a broad regulatory framework for such initiatives as clinical ...

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Captive Insurance Companies: Recent Law Change

A captive insurance company is created to insure the risks of a specific business. Even though a business can transfer risk to an insurance carrier, exclusions in conventional insurance contracts often force business owners to absorb the hefty costs of a claim.  Fortunately, owning a captive can minimize or even eliminate these exclusions. To create a captive, an individual typically ...

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Doing Documentation Right: A Balancing Act for Physician Practices

Medical group practices often go full speed ahead once they decide to implement an EHR — until physicians start to lose their footing as they try to use the systems to accurately document patient care.  There are, however, a few precautions practice leaders can take to overcome this common stumbling-block.  By Alok Prasad, RevenueXL When medical group practices decide to ...

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Taking Aim at the High Cost of Provider Turnover

Keith A. Herl, MHA, MBA Matthew Mingenback In today’s ultra-competitive market, smart healthcare delivery organizations have sought to improve their margins by capitalizing on strategic advantages and maximizing efficiencies. However, most organizations have yet to adequately address one inefficiency that costs millions of dollars annually – provider turnover. In fact, less than one-quarter of healthcare organizations measure the cost of ...

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Three Financial Scenarios (and Solutions) for Saving for Things Other than Your Retirement

By David Lockey Thought about making a practice shift toward something less stressful, but also less lucrative? What about taking an early or partial retirement? Ever wanted a second home, yacht or other expensive toy? Are you saving the right way for your children’s education? You’ve received plenty of advice about saving and investing for retirement, but there are other ...

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Castor Oil to Elixir: The Evolving Role of Marketing

Odds are that when today’s physicians completed the long journey through med school, they didn’t expect they would also need the equivalent of an MBA to build a successful practice. The information age, increased competition and Obamacare has spurred major change and challenge in virtually every aspect of physicians’ lives. The simple and uncomplicated days of Marcus Welby MD have ...

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Food For Thought: Food Allergy Prevalence

The prevalence of food allergies has been increasing in recent years, and it is now estimated to be 6-8% in children and 3-5% in adults. Food allergies are the result of the body’s immune response to food proteins.  People with food allergies produce specific IgE antibodies, that when exposed to the allergic food, result in an allergic reaction of varying ...

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Medical Tourism: A Global Impact

Medical Tourism is defined as people crossing international borders for the purpose of receiving medical care. Traditionally people have moved to markets with greater expertise than available in their domestic markets, others by a desire to pay a lower price for care. Most sources reference prices in US dollars and site our country as having the highest relative prices. ...

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